Help the Future (HTF) is a nonprofit organization promoting purposeful lives for teens by fostering extracurricular development and overall well-being.

Be Ready To Build The Future

In Bangladesh, 32 million teenagers, who make up 21% of the population, face problems like poverty and health issues. Help The Future (HTF) wants to help them make good choices and believes they can become great leaders and citizens if given the right guidance.

Education & awareness unit

Help & support unit

Cultural & sports unit

Who We Are

Help the Future – HTF is a nonprofit organization with the motto of “Live a life with purpose”. This organization has been created with consideration of the current social state of our country. It has achieved incredible success in the development of extracurricular areas. Teens around us face many difficulties and challenging issues. So the purpose of HTF is to ensure the development and sustained growth of teens.

What We Do

This unit aims to teach and create awareness about important issues. We want to inspire teens to contribute to sustainable development. We believe that by learning, spreading messages, and finding solutions, they can make a positive impact.
The Help and Support Unit oversees societal aspects, fostering a larger 'Future' community for teenagers. Its primary focus is aiding the underprivileged in society.

The Cultural Unit organizes diverse cultural and creative programs with enthusiastic and engaging creativity for flawless events.

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Our Events

Our Projects


Teen Volunteer Training is a week-long program designed for Primary and secondary school students in grades 5 to 10. The program adapted to suit the learning needs of students aged between 12 and 17, focuses on sensitizing a...


This is common and may, typically, be initiated as young as at age two (through to seven years of age). When these manifest, parents need to re-direct the child’s attention, clearly informing the child about concepts like ‘good touch’ and ‘bad touch...

FutureMaker Development Program

FutureMaker Program (FMP) is a month-long program designed for Secondary and High school students from grade 9 to 12. The program is organized in such way to suit the learning need of students aged between 15 and 19...

Clean Water for Everyone

"Clean Water For Everyone", a project by HTF for implementing the SDG-6, provided a way of drinkable water in the villages of Bangladesh. Help thousands of children and communities to provide clean freshwater...

What Our Family Members Th0ink About Us

The motto of HTF is- live a life with purpose, which attracts me the most. So

here I am, trying to do something for my society of course with the other members of the HTF family. All the peoples of HTF are one of the most humble and talented person I’ve ever seen.

Eshita Anam Shanta

Executive Member

Cultural & Sports Unit

Honestly speaking HTF is the first non profit organization I’ve joined, for me it’s not a organization it’s a family from where I’ve found my new identity and hidden skills which was unknown. Every member of this family are very skilled and work together with humble. HTF is the biggest platform for them who wants to improve their skills and passionate for helping the society.

Rabeya Bashry Swachho

Executive Member

Education & Awareness Unit

Thinking of the out of the box is not that easy. HTF made it easier. The world is now moving way more faster than our

imagination which will lead the world in such a decent way. And probably HTF is one of the best trustworthy platform

where you can race for the generation you want to see in the early future by helping others and exploring yourself.

Moynul Hassan

Executive Member

Education & Awareness Unit

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In Bangladesh, 32 million teenagers, about 21% of the population, deal with issues like poverty and health. Help The Future (HTF) aims to guide them in making good choices, believing they can become outstanding leaders and citizens with the right support.

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