On the occasion of Prestigious Ekushey February, Help the Future organized a different initiative with the volunteers to make people aware. “বাড়ির বেলায় ১৬ আনা,দেশের বেলায় ৪ আনা”-HTF’s cleaning campaign program was organized with such a message.On the occasion of International Mother Language Day, many people come to visit the city’s Dhanmondi Lake, Rabindra Sarovar, especially the Shaheed Minar and its surrounding areas. However, many people here throw garbage everywhere.So in order to make people aware, on 22nd February and 23rd February 2021, our volunteers carried out as many cleanup operations in those areas as possible and tried to make people aware through banners. The two-day event has had a positive impact among many in the public and they have indirectly participated. This country is mine, yours, ours. So it is the responsibility of all our countrymen to protect it from polluted environment. Let’s make an oath, Take a 1 second to throw dirt in the dustbin!